Celebrity Skin Care

“Jamie is so skilled at what she does and I trust her.” - Kirsten Dunst

 “Nurse Jamie is my skincare guru! She's fun, positive, and I totally trust her with my skin. She is a beauty genius!” -Haylie Duff

 “Nurse Jamie is a skin genius!” -Nadine Velzquez

 Flashback to Season 5 of The Simple Life: Nurse Jamie administered B12 shots to Paris Hilton!

 “Nurse Jamie is my face and body guru. She rocks!” - Jennifer Love Hewitt

 Nurse Jamie served as resident nurse to Nicole Richie on Season 5 of The Simple Life!

 “Nurse Jamie always knows the latest and greatest creams, serums, treatments, and procedures to get anyone ready for the red carpet in their own lives. She is such a beautiful person who radiates warmth.” -Leeza Gibbons

 “I'm obsessed with my Nurse Jamie Beauty Pillow. It has not only saved me from back pain, but wrinkles too!” -Maria Menounos