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Nurse Jamie Cares

Dedicated to women's wellness

We believe that the smallest change in your appearance can uplift your spirit even during the hardest times. Using the philosophy that one’s outer beauty can transform your inner beauty, as a registered nurse in hospitals, Jamie carried a small cosmetics bag along with her stethoscope to her patients rooms and made a profound difference by applying a little moisturizer to the face or blush to cheeks. It made their day (as well as hers)! It warmed their hearts…it lifted their spirits…it empowered them to keep going.

Jamie continues this spirit of empowerment through Nurse Jamie Cares. Nurse Jamie Cares seeks to empower women to feel and look their absolute best each and every day. With every purchase of Nurse Jamie Healthy Skin Solutions, Nurse Jamie Cares donates a portion of our proceeds to women’s empowerment, wellness, and outreach programs that are making a difference.

“Women are the foundation of this world. We are mothers, sisters, business owners, teachers, nurses and above all nurturers. If we don’t empower each other in good times and bad, who will. I just hope to make a small difference in a woman’s life. That will make a profound difference in mine.” – Nurse Jamie