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Beauty Bear™ Age Delay Pillow Beauty Bear™ Age Delay Pillow

Beauty Bear Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

Reinforce good sleeping habits, not wrinkles and dream your way to more youthful looking skin. The Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow is an innovative anti wrinkle pillow that has a unique U-shape design to cradle the face and neck with a silky, satin finish to support even the most delicate of skin types.

Fight wrinkles while you sleep.

Did you know that the number 3 cause of premature aging is poor sleeping habits, including sleep position. This unique anti-aging pillow can improve the quality of your rest and helps minimize sleep lines and wrinkles that can be etched into the skin from side sleeping. Achieve healthier, more rested looking skin overnight and start getting the most out of your beauty rest.

• Helps minimize sleep lines and wrinkles
• Silky, Satin pillowcase for delicate skin
• Helps provide neck and lumbar support
• Convenient and easy for travel


maria menounos wrinkle prevention pillow

"I'm obsessed with my Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Pillow"


ruby rose anti aging pillow

"Nurse Jamie is literally the reason my skin is what it is."


ruby rose anti aging pillow

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"The Beauty Bear is so soft and prevents wrinkles too."


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Beauty expert Nurse Jamie shares some ways you can position your body when you sleep that will help you decrease wrinkles on your face! Jamie explains, “Sleeping on your side is the number three cause for premature aging. The Beauty Bear anti-aging pillow is excellent to use because it allows the face to breathe if you are sleeping on your side and is ideal for back sleeping as well.

Travel + Leisure:   On-the-Go Beauty Hacks: Essentials Travel Pros Swear By

Don’t underestimate the value of a travel friendly pillow. Take it up a notch (and put a whole new meaning behind the phrase ‘beauty sleep’), with Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow, which uses delicate materials to “fight wrinkles while you sleep” and boasts a U-shaped design that caters to both those who sleep on their backs and on their sides. Say goodbye to pillow face and hello to a comfortable, restful sleep—even on that twelve-hour flight. Don’t forget to invest in a travel blanket to really amp up your comfort game. You’ll never be able to travel without one again.

Yahoo! Travel:

Top 10 Products That Leave Your Skin and Hair Flawless on a Flight

Beauty Bear, revolutionizing the in-flight pillow. Comfy and cleverly designed for proper neck support, this alluring little purple gizmo is a must on any flight (it also happens to be quite the conversation piece!). Most travel pillows are covered in polyester or cotton. Both of these fibers absorb natural oils, which can cause skin to lose moisture and contribute to wrinkles. The Beauty Bear is covered in a satin that, creator Nurse Jamie says, “has a natural slip and tends to not absorb your natural lipids.” Skin is better able to retain moisture and the slip helps keep fine lines from embedding, since your face is sliding against satin instead of sitting in one place on cotton. You can easily “slip” it right into your carry-on bag. It can be used at home, too.

Marie Claire:

Beauty Wishlist: Anti-Aging Pillows

I kid you not - decadent though it may sound, these cases really have an impact on how your skin fares over time: ‘I wish I could tell everyone in their 20s “don’t sleep on your side!” ‘, says Jamie Sherrill of Nurse Jamie. ‘Our head is the weight of a bowling ball (5kgs) and most pillowcases are made of cotton, which is very absorbent and will rob skin and hair of natural oils – and expensive beauty creams.’

As around 60% of us sleep on one side night after night there's another problem: the odds of prematurely ageing on one side of the face. This happens not only because the one side loses moisture to the cotton pillow case, but also because repeatedly crushing a cheek into a pillow without any slip affords creases a chance to really bed in, which will over time encourage wrinkle formation.

In Style:

10 Ways to Treat Your Skin Like a Derm Would. Side sleepers, take heed: "I can often guess which side a patient sleeps on by a subtle volume loss and fine lines on that side of their face". The ideal snooze pose? On your back with your head slightly elevated (this counters dark circles). If that sounds torturous, prop up on a puzzle-piece pillow like this Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow. It'll keep you from smushing your face as you slumber.