10 Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts She’ll Love!

10 Mother's Day Beauty Gifts She'll Love

Moms are like super heroes and with all of those years of saving our worlds, they definitely deserve to be pampered! This Mother’s Day give mom a gift that will bring back the sparkle we all know she has with a spa beauty treatment! Here are 10 Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts we know she (and you) will love!

 1. Radiesse

Redeem yourself for all of the worry lines you’ve caused Mom by softening them with Radiesse. It’s just one of our many May specials!


2. Thermage CPT

Bring back her youthful skin with our  Mother of all Laser Specials, back by popular demand! She’ll be super excited when she finds out Thermage can instantly reduce cellulite!


3. Stretch Mark Removal Combo

How annoying is it that stretch marks can’t just go away? Get Mom back into those summer skirts and feeling sexy with our Stretch Mark Combo and EVLR Mommy Makeover!


4. Makeup Application

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you look in a mirror after a makeover! Spoil Mom with a day of beauty or come in for our Mother/Daughter Makeup special!


5. Muscle Lifting Facial

Sometimes more than our skin starts to sag on our faces. Get her a facial that will perk those face muscles back up where they’re supposed to be!


6. Lash Extensions

Over the years, our eyelashes may seem to thin out. Bring back Mom’s youthful eyelash batting with a full set of Lash Extensions!


7. i-Lipo 

Because who doesn’t want that pesky impossible-to-lose fat to go away? Don’t worry, there’s no pain, no needles, and no downtime, so Mom will be ready for lunch in no time!


8. Liquid Facelift

Tell Mom to relax because you don’t have to go under the knife to get a facelift anymore! This is our signature treatment that will leave her face looking well rested, and years younger with little to no down time by using injectables. You definitely owe her that!


9. Chest and Neck Rejuvenation 

In case you couldn’t already tell – the neck and chest are one of the first places to reveal signs of aging. This treatment will treat fine lines and discoloration, and also tighten the skin on Mom’s neck and chest!


10. Nurse Jamie EGF Stem Cell Repair Kit 

Let Mom pamper herself at home whenever she wants with this awesome anti-aging product! This powerful eye-perfecting cream minimizes dark circles and puffiness while fighting visible signs of aging! We won’t tell her if you get one for yourself too.

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