A Shot of Beauty

If the past three decades gave us Jane Fonda, wheat grass, then yoga, the teens are starting out as the decade of Vitamin injections. B12 injections have been around since the 1930′s to treat anemia. Soon after it was discovered that these shots had much wider uses – reducing stress and fatigue, and boosting cardiovascular […]

TCA Body Peels

When the spring collections start showing up in your favorite shopping haunts, you know it’s time to get your body ready for those barely-there threads. Of course many of the stars use laser resurfacing to shed the years from head to toe, but the rest of us can rely on a long-standing secret in skin […]

The Newest in Laser Hair Removal

Check out the newest member of the Beauty Park team and the latest innovation from Alma Lasers – the Soprano XLi. It’s brand new and the absolute hottest thing on the laser hair removal market. (What? You didn’t know that there was anything hot about the laser market?) And just what does this sleek new […]

Advanced Technology

Med Spas are the secret to celebrity skin – they truly are Hollywood’s fountains of youth! Here are some laser treatments used at my medical spa, Beauty Park, to keep our patients’ skin and body looking flawless. Lasers for Skin Resurfacing New lasers can resurface skin with very little downtime – which is pretty important […]


Celebrities don’t give wrinkles a chance. “Better to maintain than try to reclaim.” It’s one of my favorite sayings because, well – it’s true. Early treatment of wrinkles with paralytics like Botox and Dysport and fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse keep celebrity faces line and sag free. Early treatment with Botox or Dysport prevents […]

Skin Stamping

It’s hard to beat the results of laser resurfacing. At my spa, Beauty Park, we perform the Pixel Perfect laser treatment for resurfacing every day. It addresses just about any concern my patients come in to treat: texture, pigmentation, sun damage, acne spots, pores, surface scarring, fine and deep lines. To enhance the Pixel treatment, my […]