5 Ways To Get Beauty Sleep

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Not only is getting enough sleep important for your body (and sanity), but your resting face also makes for some prime real estate for overnight beauty treatments! Without the hustle and bustle of your fabulous yet busy life going on, beauty products have uninterrupted downtime to work their magic. Here are 5 ways to get some much-deserved beauty sleep depending on what your skin needs!


1. The Smooth Operator

Have you ever woken up with a pillow line across your face? Well that line can not only damage your ego, but can etch a permanent crease in your skin too! Terrifying, I know. To ensure the ultimate line-free beauty rest, use a pillow like The Beauty Bear that prevents future sleep wrinkles with its satiny goodness.

If you’re already dealing with the wrath of wrinkles, nighttime is the perfect time for a battle. Skin cell regeneration happens the most when you are resting, so the best time to treat it happens overnight. Opt for a nighttime moisturizer that can deeply penetrate skin layers and absorb quickly so it doesn’t end up all over your pillow like the EGF Age Delay System with The Beauty Stamp.

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2. The Hangover Cure

No matter how fabulous of a night you had, never go to sleep with your makeup on and have morning skin of shame! Take the two seconds to clean it off and apply an antioxidant-rich brightening serum so you look like a goddess in the morning instead of a zombie. Secret: Placing cold spoons under your eyes in the morning can eliminate puffiness, but cleansing and applying a brightening product can do that times ten!

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3. The Water Fountain of Youth

Do you ever wake up feeling like you’re in the middle of the desert? Well dry skin can actually make your face look like a desert! Use your down time to hydrate and feed your skin all of the nourishment it needs for a deliciously beautiful, youthful daytime glow. Choose a product like Calming Relief Soothing Moisturizer for average dryness relief, or dive face first into the Fountain of Youth with the EGF Platinum 3 Restorative Facial Elixir.

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4. The Oil Miner

Sleeping with oily skin is pretty much like mass emailing an open invitation for a pizza party on your face. Try using a mask that will exfoliate and unclog pores while also fighting fine lines and wrinkles like the Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask before bed. The uninterrupted Zzz’s will give your skin a breath of fresh air.

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5. The Body Shop

Your face isn’t the only place that can benefit from some beauty rest! Why wouldn’t you want to firm up your body in your sleep? Magical moisturizers like the Beyond Bionic Body Balm contains ingredients that gradually firm skin, moisturize, and fight signs of aging all at once. Talk about finding a pot of gold!

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