7 Men’s Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

Here are some grooming tips for the Modern Man! From “Brotox” to high-performance products you need to keep your face and body in check.

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The Future of Mens Grooming

 1. Toss your razor and opt for laser hair removal: Our most popular areas are back, chest, nose & ears. Get silky smooth skin   without the razor bumps or ingrown hairs.  Treatment: Men’s Laser Hair Removal  Also, try our at home hero – EGF Platinum 3 Premium Shave Oil + Facial Elixir

2. Embrace self-tanning: Self-tanning or gradual self-tanners gives a glow and evens out the skin tone. Treatment: Airbursh Tanning

3. Daily exfoliation: Exfoliating cleansers and masks make for younger looking skin and cell turn over. This allows for your skin to glow and breath. Try our Ultra Clean Daily Face Wash For Men & Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask

4. Keep your lips soft:  Apply lip balm and use a toothbrush to take brush off the dead skin for plump, soft lips.

5. Don’t neglect the brows: Your brows frame your face and need to be maintained for shape.

6. “Brotox” and filler:  Goodbye Grandpa eyes! Our “baby drop” technique is hardly noticeable, other than you’ll look more awake and refreshed. Treatment: Botox & Filler

7. Daily moisturizer:  Achieve younger looking skin by minimizing lines and wrinkles. Buy Nurse Jamie EGF Stem Cell Repair Serum

It’s not difficult to incorporate these items in your daily routine, as most take just seconds to do. As for men’s grooming treatments, they can last months and sometimes indefinitely,  saving time in the long run.

Have any questions about men’s grooming?  Please get in contact!