A Shot of Beauty

If the past three decades gave us Jane Fonda, wheat grass, then yoga, the teens are starting out as the decade of Vitamin injections. B12 injections have been around since the 1930′s to treat anemia. Soon after it was discovered that these shots had much wider uses – reducing stress and fatigue, and boosting cardiovascular health. The newer Lipo injection ups the health and slimming benefits by adding three fat-burning amino acids, Vitamin C, and most of the other B’s to the cocktail.

Both shots became a mainstay of celebrity self-care years ago, helping to fuel long days and maintain a slim physique. But popularity has skyrocketed amongst the public recently, as prices have fallen to only $25-$40 and people catch on to this quick and healthy energy boost. Weekly shots can stave off sickness, eliminate dependence on caffeine and sugar, and definitely keep you looking your best. And if that’s not reason enough, new techniques even employ these little miracle workers to contour the face and body!