Advanced Technology


Med Spas are the secret to celebrity skin – they truly are Hollywood’s fountains of youth! Here are some laser treatments used at my medical spa, Beauty Park, to keep our patients’ skin and body looking flawless.

Lasers for Skin Resurfacing
New lasers can resurface skin with very little downtime – which is pretty important to celebrity clients. The laser I use for resurfacing, the Pixel, fires these little grids into the skin causing “micro-injuries.” As skin heals the collagen is rejuvenated, the tissue firms up, and the texture is improved. It’s fantastic, you can actually watch as the skin tightens up.

Sometimes I do one side of a patient’s face so they can see the difference- it can be pretty dramatic. I call the Pixel, “the PhotoShopper.” It literally Photoshop’s your skin. I use the Pixel anywhere that is showing lines or signs of damage or aging. It makes my skin smooth as glass!

A lot of my celebrity clients use this treatment on their neck to eliminate neckbands. They also love this on the chest as well. This is a must for those low cut red carpet dresses!

Lasers for Skin Tightening
It seems that movie stars are immune to saggy jowls, bat wing under arms, and cellulite. Well thanks to contouring lasers, they certainly conceal these flaws!

A major tell tale sign of aging is the loss of collagen in the skin. This is when we lose elasticity in our skin – believe it or not – this starts to happen in our 20’s! Have no fear, low level laser therapy can rejuvenate collagen production.

There are two skin-tightening lasers that we use at my spa: The Alma Soprano with the NIR hand piece, and the Accent XL laser.

The NIR is great for lifting and tightening areas of the face and neck. Results will last up to 3 months, which is great if you have an event coming up or a red carpet premier – like my celebrity clientele. The AccentXL laser uses the newest RF (Radio Frequency) Technology to target larger areas and cellulite. This treatment is truly one of my favorites! The results from this laser build up. I recommend a few treatments to see the best results.

Skin tightening is something my celebrity clients love to do the day of a red carpet event to look absolutely firm and flawless! You got to check this one out for yourself- you’ll love it!

Lasers for Imperfections
Trust me – celebrities are not immune to skin tags, broken blood vessels and other skin imperfections! But my clients that spend a lot of time in the public eye cannot tolerate them! They just stop by my spa to get them zapped or treated.

At my spa, Beauty Park, we call this the Skin Perfecting Treatment. We treat skin tags, birthmarks, moles and broken blood vessels with the Lamprobe; and we use the Cryoprobe to pinpoint and destroy warts (yes, celebrities get them too)!

Lasers for Weight Loss
Sure, we might all have fantastic figures like celebrities if we all had the time and cash to put in at the gym with personal trainers and have meals prepared by personal chefs! Of course, most celebs invest a lot of time in workouts and watch what they eat, but don’t think that their perfect bodies are all thanks to rigorous workouts and personal chefs!

Celebrities have had access to weight loss lasers for years! Well now, these lasers are made accessible to all!
At Beauty Park, we have the Zerona. It is a non-invasive, lipo laser that uses low-level laser therapy to help shed inches all over. My clients love this!

The laser creates tiny temporary openings in your cells, causing the fat to leave the cells. This boosts your ability to loose inches from stubborn areas. All you have to do is: 1) Drink plenty of water, 2) Walk for 20 minutes a day, and 3) Lay under the Zerona for 40 minutes, every other day for 2 weeks (6 treatments). You can’t beat that!

I like to boost the results with weekly Lipo Shot’s or what I call, The Beauty Park Cocktail! It includes 3 fat-burning amino acids, Vitamin C, and B12 along with most of the B Vitamins. Stop by the Park weekly for your dose of this celebrity favorite.

Laser for Hair Removal
When was the last time you saw a celebrity raise her award at the podium and reveal an armpit full of shave bumps? That’s right – never! Laser hair removal has become a celebrity staple – a complete necessity for silky smooth skin.

At my spa, we use the Alma Soprano XL laser. My celebrity clients love this because it is virtually painless – which is a major plus!

Hair removal sessions last any where from 10 minutes to an hour or more depending on the area being treated. It takes a minimum of 6 treatments every 6-8 weeks to achieve permanent hair removal. Totally worth it – see for yourself!

Say bu-bye to bumps and ditch that razor!