Bridal Bootcamp: 3 Beauty Tips To Make Your Day Extra Special!

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Preparing for your big day?  Chances are your wedding will show off your back, shoulders and arms.  Give yourself some beauty prep by breaking it down to the basics and by following my bridal bootcamp list so you can feel confident sleeveless, backless or strapless.  Unlike most bridal bootcamps, mine can be done last minute and these procedures will benefit your wedding day, plus months to follow!  Hello, honeymoon!


      #1. Perky Bust –

  • Its all about the decollete – The Clearlift laser will highlight the beautiful bosom, remove pigmentation, soften side sleep lines, tighten and lift.
  • Tip: Do not sleep on your side in the first place – back sleeping is best for beauty sleep.
  • Treatment Cost = $400-600/ per treatment
  • At-Home Hero: Anti-aging pillow – Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow – $59

       #2. Plump Pretty Lips/ Cinderlla Lips

  • Soft full lips are the mark of femininity – Hylauronic Acid injections such as Restylane and Juvederm.
  • Tip: Don’t over do it – even a 1/2 syringe might do the trick. It is about looking like you’re wearing gloss when you’re not. 
  • Treatment Cost = $345-600, Cinderella =$75

     #3. Flawless Skin 

  • Even if you pay your photographer extra money to airbrush all your photos, you’re guests will not – unfortunately you cannot control every picture taken.  
  • Tip: ACELLerator facial provides an all over even skin tone. It does something that a makeup cannot – it’s “pilates for the face” 
  • Treatment Cost = $250 per treatment
  • At-Home Hero: ACELLerator beauty device = $220.