A Rare Face Oil Found In The Jungle Known For Cocaine


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Harvested cacay nuts.
Source Bloomberg Business

“It’s going to be the new little wave,” said Nurse Jamie on Bloomberg Business, who uses the rare jungle nut called cacay in her Nurse Jamie skin care products.  “I was always a fan of retinol and argan oil and we were initially searching for ways to improve on these two ingredients.” 

Native to parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, and bred on the same grounds as cocaine, the cacay nut (also named Kahai oil) was long used by indigenous people to treat wounds.  This highly-concentrated, antioxidant oil was discovered for its anti-aging, skin nourishing and rejuvenating properties.

With sales of face-oil rising in popularity, a giant surge of 24% in the last year, the cacay nut has become a hot commodity used as the key ingredient to anti-aging facial creams that cost up to $200/ounce due to its rarity.

Cacay’s nut oil contains key anti-aging elements which nourish, soften and repair damaged skin and hair.  Antioxidants, vitamin A (retinol – three times the amount found in rose hip oil), vitamin F (linoleic acid, an omega 6 essential fatty acid) and a high concentration of Vitamin E (50% more than argan oil).  Its benefits include:

  • For all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Emollient properties, providing long-lasting hydration
  • Helps repair the hydrolipidic layer (acid mantle), protecting the skin against irritation and dehydration
  • Improves texture, firmness and elasticity of skin
  • Restores skin radiance
  • Smooths and improves the visible appearance of wrinkles

Harvest season starts February and ends in April.  For farmers, cacay also offers a profitable way to make a living without venturing into the drug market.  It has even given hope in slowing down deforestation for environmental groups as a profitable alternative to logging.

Nurse Jamie offers the 1-ounce “facial elixir” with cacay for $198 and a men’s shaving oil version.  To purchase these products, come vist Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Park Spa in Santa Monica, California, or order yours online today here!

cacay, nut, anti-aging, facial oil, face oil, moisturizer, antioxidant,

A luxury facial elixir of essential oils that restores skin to a healthier, revitalized complexion.

(Source article from Bloomberg Business here and About Style here)