Another great post summer skin essential! – Dermalase Nurse Jamie’s Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask will reveal a brighter, lighter, younger looking complexion for post-summer skin. Complete with rich nutrients and active botanicals, the Dermalase AHA Exfoliating Mask is a gentle yet effective, revitalizing peel that exfoliates with the power of papaya, Alpha Hydroxy and Multi-Fruit […]

Nail Fungus Treatment with Beauty Park’s Newest Laser

Got nail fungus? Eliminate nail fungus quickly and painlessly. Unfortunately nail fungus (onychomycosis) does not go away on its own. In fact, it’s not going anywhere unless you force it to. You don’t have to hide in your socks, nail fungus doesn’t stand a chance against Beauty Park’s nail fungus treatment and newest laser, ClearChoice™. These lasers target […]

Fight Wrinkles In Your Sleep with this Age Delay Pillow!!

Does the secret to staying young lie in your pillow and the way you sleep? “We spend a third of our lives sleeping,” says Nurse Jamie. “Our head is the weight of a bowling ball, and if you sleep on your side you are essentially etching those lines into your face and neck.” In pursuit […]

A Rare Face Oil Found In The Jungle Known For Cocaine

  “It’s going to be the new little wave,” said Nurse Jamie on Bloomberg Business, who uses the rare jungle nut called cacay in her Nurse Jamie skin care products.  “I was always a fan of retinol and argan oil and we were initially searching for ways to improve on these two ingredients.”  Native to […]

Oscar’s Winning Beauty Tips That Really Work

  Before stepping out on the red carpet for Hollywood’s biggest event of the year, celebrities spend countless hours prepping head-to-toe for hair, make-up and body. Even with all the exercise and home delivered meals they still need a little help from ….. the laser. Nurse Jamie treats some of the most-wanted skin in Hollywood including Jennifer […]

Sophie Dahl At The Kitchen Table! One of her Favorite Things…

I am very honored to have one of my products; the ACELLerator Ultra Toning Device, featured on the Sophie Dahl Kitchen Table Blog as one of her Favorite Things! This high-frequency device with ultrasonic 1 MHz technology for the face and body helps to stimulate new collagen, elastin, and cell renewal.  Sophie Dahl termed it as “turbo […]

Nurse Jamie's Beauty Pillow featured on the Hallmark Channel

A few weeks ago the Beauty Pillow was featured on the Hallmark Channel’s Hot Flash Sales, Hollywood Steal! In case you didn’t already know, our pillow is cleverly designed to prevent wrinkles and help reduce the ones already created from years of sleeping on traditional pillows. Some benefits when using the pillow include: The satin […]

Next Stop, Abu Dhabi

We recently shot a segment on Khattar TV, which airs in 12 Arab countries, on how to receive the red carpet treatment that our celebrity clients absolutely love. We also discussed my Nurse Jamie product line which we are so excited to share with our Abu Dhabi clients! In case you didn’t already know, Nurse Jamie’s […]

A Shot of Beauty

If the past three decades gave us Jane Fonda, wheat grass, then yoga, the teens are starting out as the decade of Vitamin injections. B12 injections have been around since the 1930′s to treat anemia. Soon after it was discovered that these shots had much wider uses – reducing stress and fatigue, and boosting cardiovascular […]