EXTRA Lifechanger Nurse Jamie’s Roadtest

EXTRA’s Lifechanger and aesthetics nurse specialist Jamie Sherrill takes you on her EXTRA Roadtest for getting those lush celebrity lashes and has a little secret beauty prescription for getting gorgeous on any budget!

Its best to start with the healthiest lashes possible. There are products out there that can help.

At your cosmetic counter, there are products like Nu Lash, LilLash I like Revitalash. It is applied to the base of your lashes at night. It’s clear, it looks like a liquid eyeliner. It’s really easy, and it’s not sticky, and is basically a super conditioner. These products run anywhere from $60-$200, so if that’s a little salty for you, there’s a lash boosting serum and a mascara that L’Oreal makes a great one called Double Extend Lash Boosting for about $15 that you can get at any drug store. If you need to actually regrow your lashes, you’re looking at a prescription product called Latisse – so you do have to go see your health care provider to see if this product is right for you. It contains an ingredient called bimatoprost which has been approved by the FDA.

Lash extensions are really hot right now in Hollywood. All the celebrities have a “lash guru”. Lash extensions last for about a month, they’ll set you back $200-300 and 1-2 hours in the salon chair. If that doesn’t work for you, Ardell individual lashes are a great little home secret for $4.99. With these little falsies, and you can mimic the look of lash extensions. These are really easy. You start with a little glue, grab the lash with the tweezers, dip it in the glue, let it set for a second to get it tacky so it sticks better. Then apply it to the base of lash, starting on the outer corners. Ba-bam! Instant glamour for $4.99!

The icing on the eyelash cake is always a great mascara! Nurse Jamie recommends 3 worth the splurge. Fleur De Lash by Tarina Tarantino has a great color. Mascara Volume Effet Cils by YSL is perfect to add a bit of volume. Lancome always makes great mascaras, a super fun one is Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Pro because it has an oscillating wand with a little battery pack. It actually vibrates back and forth because the proper way to apply mascara is in upward strokes with a zigzag motion. This takes the work out of it for you.

Your Extra road test results for celebrity lashes:

  • If your lashes are truly sparse and you want to grow outrageous lashes, invest in Latisse.
  • Revitalash to super condition your lashes.
  • Try professional lash extensions for an event or a beauty splurge.
  • For beauty on a budget try the $4.99 fake lashes by Ardell.
  • Top it off with a really great mascara and there you go.

Best wishes for great new lashes!