Face Bloat 411—How to Get Rid of It, Fast!

Lets face it, Being bloated blows.

It always happens at the most inopportune times: You know, when you have an important meeting the next day or a red carpet-worthy event where there will be tons of photos taken. Feeling puffy is annoying (hello, understatement), but it’s also completely normal (yes, it happens to celebs too). And, no, we’re not talking about a touch of belly bloat. We’re talking about the kind of swelling that’s impossible to hide: face bloat…the kind that makes your coworker ask, “Rough night?” upon arrival at the office the next morning.

“We make sure our celebrities have my at-home ACELLerator Ultra. It reduces puffiness and tightens skin in minutes in case they can’t make it in for a “911” de-puff session. ” –Nurse Jamie, celeb skin expert to Maria Menounos and Ruby Rose

The ACELLerator Ultra is a beauty device for face & body for the overall improvement in the look and feel of your skin. The 1MHz wave technology helps improve targeted areas revealing a firmer skin appearance. After just a few treatments a noticeable difference may be seen in your skin’s tone, texture and firmness. The ACELLerator Ultra will keep skin looking rested and radiant. The ACELLerator Ultra is your best accessory for firm, smooth, beautiful skin.

  • Uses 1MHz wave technology
  • Helps skin to appear more youthful looking and toned
  • Includes Ultra Conductive Gel

For $220… We say yes please and bye bye to bloated face!acellerator_contents_us_lg acellerator03

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