Grow Old… The Young Way!

Growing old doesn’t have to be scary. By following a consistent skin regimen, modifying your diet and keeping active, you can keep the negative side effects of aging at bay. Here are some fun facts that can help you grow old… the young way!

The Holy Grail

Sunscreen, moisturizer and exfoliate. Did you know that most of your skin damage is because of the sun? Arm your face with SPF everyday (yes, even in the Winter!) to protect it from those nasty UV rays. Try for at least 30 SPF. Dry skin and wrinkles go hand and hand. Keep your face hydrated by applying moisturizer day and night. Exfoliating your skin scrapes away dead wrinkled skin cells, keeping your face clean and fresh. Everyone can benefit from a deep cleanse once in a while!

You Are What You Eat

Green leafy veggies, fish, protein, water… there are plenty of foods that help you age gracefully. Stocking your pantry with super foods is essential in your quest to growing old the young way. And don’t forget to treat yourself – dark chocolate is loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants so you can have your cake and eat it too! Pair it with a glass of red wine, which is also packed with antioxidants. Cheers!

I’ll Take The Stairs

Hitting the gym can be such a drag. Set aside just 30 minutes a few days a week and keep your body active. Park your car a little further, skip the elevator and take the stairs, walk your neighbor’s dog… there are plenty of activities to get your body moving. I know it’s hard to stay motivated during the wintertime, especially the holiday season, but remember: it’s better to maintain than reclaim!