Introducing Ageless Perfection — At Harrods This May

Do you ever look at celebrities and wonder how their skin seems to always be perfect and never age? We’re all guilty of secretly hoping it’s the cameras doing them justice, but their secret is actually no secret at all ,and it starts with extraordinary skin care. As Hollywood’s skin “Go-to-Guru” with celebrity clients such as Maria Menounos, Kirsten Dunst and Jennifer Love Hewitt, we know how to keep those A-lister’s skin glowing, and we do it so well that Harrods of London has sought after our products for retail so that people everywhere can have camera-ready skin! While providing exclusive consulting services to the über private celebrity medspa, El Dorado in Cabo San Lucas, that is so secretive that you can only find it by literally looking for a certain mile marker and then literally finding it, and so exclusive that it only considers members who own one of the minimum $4 million houses on the property, we were discovered by the department store-giant, Harrods, for our results-based skin care treatments that keep our loyal celebrity clientele coming back for more. NewYouBlog Not only will the shopper’s paradise offer our esteemed Age Delay Collection, Calming Collection, Pigment Collection, Body Solutions, and Beauty Devices, but it will also debut our newest skin care products that are so above and beyond perfection, that they even contain Platinum, 24 Karat Gold, and essential oils from across the globe.   Introducing, Ageless Perfection — The EGF Platinum Collection. The EGF Platinum System is a combination of an opulent cream and an elixir that when used together creates an unparalleled combination that will leave skin feeling hydrated, toned, and restored, transforming it into ageless perfection. That’s right, ageless. Perfection. The Fountain of Youth has been discovered, and soon it will be within your reach.


The EGF Platinum 7 Containing a lavish, proprietary blend of 7 active ingredients including Platinum, 24K Gold, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), and Stem Cells known to redefine and restore skin, this divine cream is so delicately and intricately formulated that it even comes in custom acrylic packaging in order to omit free radicals. The glamorous ingredients aren’t just for show, the Platinum and 24K Gold work together as a GPS to provide a roadmap for nutrients to penetrate the skin for optimal results. You’ll feel the richness of ageless beauty as you dab the EGF Platinum 7 cream on with it’s included 24K Gold plated spatula, and massage it into your face and neck with your fingertips.


The EGF Platinum 3 We traveled all the way around the world to find the rare and powerful essential oils that imparts skin with intense hydration, and gives it a more youthful, radiant glow. With just 1-2 pumps of the nutrient-infused combination of the elixir containing 3 key essential oils, Damascena Rose, Kahai Nut, and Kukui Nut, your skin will look as delicious as it did on a dewy day in your twenties!


  So now that the cat’s out of the bag about the secret to flawless celebrity skincare, we can’t wait to offer it to you at Harrod’s starting in May! Don’t be surprised if after using it, the paparazzi snap a pic! Check out how our other Anti-Aging products with EGF work as demonstrated by Nurse Jamie on an edition of Extra!