How To Keep Your Skin Dewy & Glowy During Festival Season

How To Keep Your Skin Dewy & Glowy During Festival Season


Festival season has arrived! Remember that the heat, sun and dry climate of the California Desert can have damaging effects on your skin. Here are some of my go-to festival skin-care tips and product recommendations for how to keep your skin dewy & glowy during festival season.


Wear Sunscreen:

Pick a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 to protect from both UVA and UVB rays and apply it all over your exposed skin (that includes any skin that’s underneath ultra-sheer tops, top of ears, folks). Reapply every two or so hours- if you’re sweating tons you might want to re-apply more regularly.




Drink Water:

Always carry a bottle of water (or two!) on you at all times just in case, and listen to your body! If you’re feeling thirsty, don’t wait until you’re parched. Hydrating regularly will help to keep your skin supple, it’s also vital to your overall health.




If skin isn’t all sweaty from the heat, your skin is drying out from the desert air. Remember to moisturize your skin to help protect yourself against the desert heat. Try the Nurse Jamie EGF Botanical Complex.


Cleanse Thoroughly:

Once you’ve reached the end of your festival day, you are going to want a shower and before doing so, you need to cleanse your face – twice, Babes. Yes, TWICE.  

By cleansing the first time, you are helping to remove impurities and environmental toxins you skin’s surface. The second cleansing will help to provide you with a cleaner face and wash away dead skin. Massaging your face during the second cleansing will stimulate the skin cells to regenerate and grow when you sleep, giving you a healthier appearance. Try the Nurse Jamie Age Delay Cleanser for hydrated, soft and renewed skin.

Festival Pro Tip:

Wear comfortable shoes (closed-toed, ideally)…trust me.


Post- Festival Pro Beauty Tip:

Treat yourself to an at home spa day & indulge in  a hydrating mask treatment like the Nurse Jamie Hydratight treatment mask. Hydratight  infuses moisture deep into the skin with firming and purifying ingredients that enhance the complexion to soothe irritated, dry skin.