Hi I’m Nurse Jamie Extra Lifechanger and aesthetics nurse specialist. At my spa in the heart of Los Angeles, we’re always busy keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in Hollywood. There is one trend that never goes out of style and that’s great lipstick.

Have you ever seen a star on the Red Carpet without lipstick? I don’t think so – it’s like a painting half finished, you just don’t see it. So, what’s new with this classic trend? Well, I’ve got a few things to show you. And then I’m going to share a fun little budget trick that will help you get every last drop out of your very favorite tube!

To start on Today’s EXTRA Roadtest we look at my favorite picks for organic and anti-aging lipsticks. Then I’m going to show you a lipstick so cute you won’t even want to use it.

My Organic Pick – this is such a good idea because the average woman eats 4 to 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. That’s somewhere between 481 and 1083 tubes! (I hardly ever go out without lipstick so I’m probably up a quart… maybe at an even thousand… definitely up to a dozen since breakfast. Organic lipsticks are a little bit of a challenge to make because they are usually made of natural oils and butters – but this also means that colors tend to fade faster and you have to re-apply organic lipstick more often. That being said, my pick is Josie Maran’s which are great because they actually have a rich color that stays on really well – check out Rumi Joon ($20.00) to start.

Anti-aging lipsticks are really hot right now – there are a slew on the market, but remember the FDA does not have to approve the claims of anti-aging makeup products. Makeup is not a food or a drug – so basically most of these “anti aging” lipsticks are lipsticks loaded with extra moisturizing ingredients, plumping or antioxidants and vitamins. Hyaluronic acid is a megamoisturizer some of these use. My favorite is surprisingly affordable – it’s L’Oreal’s Colouriche with anti-aging serum at $11.99. It has collagen, an anti-aging serum and just really rich color. I love the way it smells too.

And my pick for a lipstick that is well, just plain – Fun!
Even though it was designed for fall 2010 I can’t help showing it off – check this out – limited edition cat-shaped lipstick by Paul & Joe! It’s $25.00 and it comes in 3 shades of pink. The color is pretty sheer and has some sparkle to it and look you can use his ears to line your lips! You can get them online or pick them up at Urban Outfitters.

Of course, we never forget to include our special budget tip for the DIY set, so here we go.

Lipstick can be expensive and it seems that half of it is left in the bottom of the tube. And doesn’t it always seem that as soon as you find the perfect shade, it gets discontinued! Here’s a great little project that solves both those problems.

You need a pill case – you can get these at pretty much any drugstore. Then you just take the ends of the lipsticks, smash them in the bottom of the pill case and add a little petroleum jelly of Aquaphor, microwave ‘em for just a few seconds – you don’t want them to go nuclear.
And there you go – a custom money-saving lipstick set filled with your very favorite shades!

So, there you go – some new ideas on a classic staple. Go green and try a lipstick so healthy you could actually eat it. You can’t go wrong with Josie Maran’s line. For a super hydrating anti-aging lipstick at $11.99 you can try out all of the great color’s from L’oreal’s Colouriche with the anti-aging serum. And if you want a really fun lipstick that will put a smile on those gorgeous lips – try the limited edition cat color by Paul & Joe’s.

I’m Nurse Jamie, remember to stay beautiful.