Looking Good, Feel Good

“Smile!” Click.

Is your family like the Paparazzi? If so, you got to stay “High Def Perfect” this Holiday Season. We all know that the holidays can be very stressful- full of traveling, cooking, cleaning, seeing family and friends. Try my simple beauty secrets to keep you looking good this holiday, because when you look good you feel good!

1. Rest – You need your beauty sleep! Check out The Pillow, a silky sleeping pillow I designed to ensure a wrinkle-free sleep! It’s perfect to take in your carry-on if you are traveling to see your family and friends for the holidays.

2. Hydrate – Drinking plenty of water will flush toxins from your body and keep your skin looking refreshed. Avoid the bags under your eyes by drinking a glass of water before bed. Added bonus: If you drink a glass of water before every meal, you will eat less! To keep your skin extra hydrated try SkinMedica’s Hydrating Complex.

3. Nutrition – Beauty from the inside out! Be sure to take your vitamins! To keep your skin looking smooth try my unique blend of vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils – Beauty Builder Supplements.