Make Your Skin Memorial This Weekend!


You may have those perfect, itsy bitsy summer outfits all planned out for Memorial Day Weekend, but is your skin in shape to show off the sexiness? Showing skin is hot, but unkempt skin is not. Make sure your bod is ready for its big poolside debut by checking for these common problems. Don’t worry, they all have a solution!


1. Dead Skin

Even if you can’t see it, there is so much dead skin on you! Yuck! There is nothing sexy about dead skin, so get a good exfoliating body wash like Beyond Bionic Body Buff and get scrubbing! You’ll skin will be soft and glowing in no time, and you’ll thank us when that hottie “accidentally” grazes your arm.


2. Body Hair

It’s going to be a long weekend, which means shaving stubble is likely to crash the party. Do yourself a favor and pop into Beauty Park for a quick waxing that will last for days, giving you sexy confidence all weekend! If you have time to commit, laser hair removal works wonders!


3. Pastey Color

So you haven’t exactly had time to get a base tan? Well what are you waiting for? Start using a gradual self tanner like Beyond Bionic Body Bronzer right now for a golden glow by the weekend! Or for immediate results, come by Beauty Park for a flawless spray tan. Don’t forget to lather on the SPF when you go poolside though, you don’t want that yummy skin aging way before it should!


4. Cellulite

The thought of putting on a bikini and seeing yucky cellulite on my legs gives me a panic attack just thinking about it! If you see some dimples, you should start using a firming lotion immediately like Beyond Bionic Body Balm. If there’s more cottage cheese than you expected, the struggle is real. Get into Beauty Park ASAP for a Thermage treatment that will immediately reduce the appearance of cellulite.


5. Low Energy

No work on Monday means an extra day of Memorial Day festivities; will you be able to keep up? Get in gear with a little B12 energy boost injection that will keep up up beat all weekend!


6. Fading Sparkle

Ever feel like you need a little oomph in your appearance? Checking out the latest summer makeup trends like bright eye shadow or coral lips is a great way to freshen up your look. A sure confidence booster is a set of fake eyelashes, which can be put on in no time at all at Beauty Park.