Oscar’s Winning Beauty Tips That Really Work


Before stepping out on the red carpet for Hollywood’s biggest event of the year, celebrities spend countless hours prepping head-to-toe for hair, make-up and body. Even with all the exercise and home delivered meals they still need a little help from ….. the laser.

Nurse Jamie treats some of the most-wanted skin in Hollywood including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Maria Menounos.  From skin-tightening laser treatments to skin brightening facials, celebrity skin expert Nurse Jamie of Beauty Park Spa is a must-see.  Today, she’s giving us her Oscar winning beauty tricks that really work and include do-it-yourself treatments for those who don’t want to break the bank.

Nurse Jamie predicted: “This year at the Oscar’s you’re going to see a lot of body because the fashions are strapless and sleeveless.”  At this year’s Oscars, skin-showing celebrities included, Kerry Washington who wore a strapless white gown and Dakota Johnson who was 50 shades of awesome!


Dakota Johnson, beauty tips

Dakota Johnson Oscars 2015


Using the latest light and laser technology, the i-Lipo at Beauty Park Spa was the most popular pre-Oscar body treatment as a non-invasive way to get rid of troublesome fat on the abdomen, face, chin, arms and thighs.  “The i-Lipo is a body-contouring treatment that signals the fat cells to easily breakdown.” says Nurse Jamie about the beauty trick.



For those who prefer a DIY treatment, Nurse Jamie’s ACELLerator Ultra Ultrasonic Toning Device and the EGF Age Delay System. The ACELLerator is a hand-held beauty device helps that generates thermal energy, stimulating circulation, collagen and elastin for skin that looks more tightened and toned, just like i-Lipo.  The Beauty Stamp and EGF Stem Cell Complex together (EGF Age Delay System) are a truly unique treatment that have an overall tightening, smoothing and pore refining effect on the skin for your everyday skin routine.



EGF Stem Cell Complex

EGF Stem Cell Complex


ACELLerator UltraSonic Toning Device

Do you have any skin related beauty questions for Nurse Jamie?  Make sure to ask in the comments section below!