Remove Bruises Instantly?!

Remove Bruises Instantly

Both surgical and non-surgical treatments can often come with some post-procedure bruising, and while it is always recommended to ice the area 48 hours after your procedure to prevent this, sometimes it is unavoidable, and everyone heals at their own rate.

If you’re interested in speeding up the healing process, Laser Treatment might be right for you.

At Beauty Park we developed a protocol to dramatically reduce healing time!
We pride ourselves on making every effort for you to not bruise, but in the event you do, we can help. Nurse Jamie uses a Vascular Laser to immediately improve the look of a bruise.
Bruises are the build up of blood under the skin, and with this laser, we can vaporize that blood to get you back into your normal routine even quicker.

Remove Bruises Instantly

? Nurse Jamie tip to help us help you:
1: No Alcohol 3 days prior
2: No NSAIDs (aspirin/etc) 3 days prior
3: No herbal supplements 3 days prior
4: Eat fresh pineapple or take Arnica tabs 3 days prior




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