Shave Oils

Today for my regular EXTRA TV “Roadtest” blog we are doing a special ‘man edition” episode. We’ll be looking at beauty products – I mean “grooming products” – especially for men, because everyone wants to look their best! Shave oils are one of my favorite grooming secrets for men. I’m going to show you my favorite ones, a couple of tips on how to use them properly, and then I’ll reveal a great budget trick.

A lot of people haven’t even heard of them, but plant oils have been used as a shaving aid since shaving began. They are usually a plant-based oil or blend of vegetable and essential oils used in conjunction with shave creme, soap or gel. Instead, I like to use as a stand alone oil shave lubricant, because it has a greater razor glide-enabling property. They are better at that than a soap or a foam, because they have more air in them, so they have more direct contact with the skin. This causes less traction as you scrape a razor over your face. The oils have more moisturizing effects and shave oils can also be made without all those potentially toxic chemical ingredients found in a lot of the foams.

Most importantly to some guys is that you can see exactly where you are shaving. This is great for men who wear a stylized beard or mustache, and for men who shave their heads completely. Shave oils allow them a closer shave along and condition the scalp, helping to prevent dryness and flaking.

So, let’s look at a couple options!

The REN Tamanu High Glide Shaving Oil ($28.00). This stuff is great. It’s a little pricey at $28, but primary ingredients are sesame oil and coconut oil and Tamanu Oil which gives this almost imperceptible spicy scent to it, and it feels really satiny. You only need a little bit so this bottle will last you about two months. This is a great choice if you have really sensitive skin.

Pacific Shave Oil ($6.95 )
Check out this bottle – this is the ultimate in low maintenance and portability. It will last you about 100 shaves, it contains certified organic ingredients, and they plant a tree for every bottle you buy! You can even email them and tell them where you want them to plant it!

And how to use them?

It’s best to shave after your shower because the steam and heat will open the pores causing the follicles to sort of stand up straighter and also the skin to be more hydrated. Apply a light coat of oil to the face and then you should only need a little bit of water. Also apply a light oil to allow the razor to glide over the skin, and do make sure you’ve exfoliated beforehand. A straight razor would be ideal – but it’s probably best to leave that to a professional – second best is a double edged razor. And shave with the grain, you never want to shave against as it can irritate the skin and even cause folliculitis.

Ok, and now the big reveal – the Nurse Jamie Budget Shaving Tip!

The most important part of using the oil shave products is – oil – so you can even use olive oil. Maybe that’s not ideal to keep in your medicine cabinet – so I suggest using baby oil. If you want to tailor the smell to be a little more elegant or individual, pick up unscented baby oil bottle at any drugstore for $5.79 and add a few drops of essential oil – like a musk or a eucalyptus – my favorite – and voila! You have a great budget shave oil product for next to nothing.

Ok so here’s what we learned today. If you want a closer, cleaner shave try one of the shave oils we talked about. REN is a fantastic product if you don’t mind the price. Pacific is a great choice if you are a man-on-the-go. And if you want to get creative – customize your own shave oil with your favorite essential oil and baby oil from your very own medicine cabinet!

Until next time, stay handsome!