Skin Stamping


It’s hard to beat the results of laser resurfacing.

At my spa, Beauty Park, we perform the Pixel Perfect laser treatment for resurfacing every day. It addresses just about any concern my patients come in to treat: texture, pigmentation, sun damage, acne spots, pores, surface scarring, fine and deep lines.

To enhance the Pixel treatment, my celebrity clients love the skin stamp! As we age, collagen-building fibroblasts and enzymes aren’t as active anymore. The proteins we need to remodel the dermis aren’t readily available like they are in our youth. Adding a skin stamp session to laser resurfacing delivers the building blocks needed for this collagen production deep in the skin.

The skin stamp is a simple device with micro needles. When pressed on the surface of the skin, it makes channels to allow products to penetrate deep within the skin. We perform a three-pass grid pattern to create over a hundred micro channels on the face during a typical skin stamp session at my spa. Then we soak the skin with a solution of epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, peptides, and vitamins in a hyaluronic base. Since we have created all these micro channels in the skin, the solution is able to pass deep into the skin allowing for better results.

Here’s the best part: I have created an at-home skin stamp kit—so you can do this treatment!

The kit comes with my special formulated Epidermal Growth Factor Cream and a Skin Stamp. If you are on a budget, or cannot make it into my spa, this is a great way to try this treatment. I created it to be used on all skin types!

The results of four to five sessions of skin stamping are more impressive than you’ve probably ever seen from a facial. If you use the skin stamp and receive Pixel treatments, the results are even more dramatic.