Summer Wedding Beauty Checklist

Summer Wedding Beauty Checklist

Ah, summer. The most perfect season for a beautiful, sunny, outdoor wedding. Wait. Did I say  sunny? Having Mr. Sunshine on your shoulder will definitely make for some fabulous lighting on your Zippidi Doo Da Wonderful Day, but don’t forget what he’s also capable of…heat! As in, melted makeup, sweat, and skin damage, oh my! So make sure your summer wedding beauty checklist is ready to help you prepare for your perfect day! Get ready to look even more radiant than the sun!


6 Months Before

[]  Determine any skin problems you may want to address and consult with a skin care expert for treatment plans.

[] Schedule your makeup appointments, preferably at the same place you go for skin treatments since they already know your skin and face.

[] Start your optional (but highly recommended) laser hair removal treatments. Make a note to thank me later.

[] If you are trying to grow your hair, brows, and/or nails out, start taking supplements like Biotin or Multivitamins.

[] Get going with that Bridal Bootcamp Workout!


1 Month Before

[] Go in for any facials or skin treatments you plan on having the week before your wedding to make sure you know what the results are going to      look like.

[] Get a trim, it will help your hair look healthier and give you enough time to adjust to it before you get it done.

[] Start using a tightening face mask at least once a week.

[] Start an optional at-home teeth whitening kit or look into a natrual approach like oil-pulling.


1 Week Before

[] Don’t freak out. Stress causes wrinkles.

[] Quadruple confirm with your beauty team and make sure they know exactly when and where to go.

[] Get your final facial or skin treatments. Secret: A little filler can work wonders.

[] If you are worried about a little loose skin around your thighs or tummy, get a body treatment with no down-time like Thermage or iLipo.

[] If you missed a few of your laser hair removal appointments, get waxed.

[] Start a gradual self tanner that’s also a moisturizer like Beyond Bionic Body Bronzer – you’ll be able to control the color and not worry about turning into an orange.

[] Touch up your hair color if you dye it.


1 Day Before

[] Try to remain calm! If you can’t, schedule a sesh in the Pure Air Oxygen Bubble to refresh your nerves and skin.

[] Get your manicure and pedicure, bring your own color so you can have it for any last minute touch ups.

[] Get eyelash extensions. They’re GORGEOUS and a way safer option than glue-ons.

[] Get an airbrush tan from your trusted professional beauty experts.

[] Get all of your beauty products and essentials packed and ready. If you have a go-to product, bring it.

[] Try to sleep (even if you can’t, eek!), use a brightening cream, sleep with a silk pillow to avoid wrinkles, and make sure you moisturize your hands and feet.


The Wedding Day

[] Smile because you’re getting married today!

[] Gently exfoliate your face and apply moisturizer with SPF. Use deodorant…everywhere. Just kidding – but seriously, don’t forget it and bring it with you in your bridal bag.

[] Do not use your gradual tanner, instead use a light, nutrient infused lotion like Beyond Bionic Body Balm.

[] While you’re getting your makeup done, ask them for (or bring your own) BB cream with SPF. It’s magical because it creates an airbrushed look, stays on all day, and protects against the sun.

[] A small hand-held fan can work wonders.

[] Check your hands for any last minute touch-ups, and moisturize.

[] Dab (don’t spray, it leaves marks) on your fave perfume, take a deep breath, and walk that aisle like a runway!