TCA Body Peels


When the spring collections start showing up in your favorite shopping haunts, you know it’s time to get your body ready for those barely-there threads. Of course many of the stars use laser resurfacing to shed the years from head to toe, but the rest of us can rely on a long-standing secret in skin care for the body at a much cheaper price – TCA peels.

TCA stands for tricholoracetic acid and it’s been around for ages. Nowadays, it’s one of the main active agents in many peels offered at dermatologist’s offices and med spas. What many people don’t know is that a basic TCA peel can be used anywhere on the body, at a really affordable price. Depending on the concentration, this chemical produces a medium to deep peel, often with no downtime except peeling or flaking. This peel is an absolute must to get rid of back and shoulder acne, and it’s also indispensable for controlling keratosis pilaris on arms and legs. But at our spa we find them useful for about any other problem you can find on your body – sun spots, scars, and crepey or dry, callused skin.

A final word to the wise on body skin care – the body heals less quickly than the face. Peeling from more concentrated TCA solutions can be delayed extra days compared to peels on the face and neck, and may take extra time sloughing off to reveal your clear, new baby soft skin. So don’t wait till you’re ready to hit the streets in your new spring wardrobe to get started – winter is the time to get those covered parts back in shape!