The Perfect Lash Curl

I’m Nurse Jamie, EXTRA Lifechanger and aesthetics nurse specialist. At my spa, Beauty Park, I keep some of Hollywood’s most elite looking picture perfect. In each of my videos, I’m working with EXTRA roadtesting the latest and greatest in beauty to keep you ready for your close up!

In every make up artist’s kit you’ll find an eyelash curler – make up artists know that curling lashes will make the eye look bigger and make sparse lashes look like a fuller, healthier fringe. A good lash curler will grab all the lashes at once, without pinching and getting caught. That can break delicate lashes, and you want to keep each and every one of those beauties!

Do you need the $20 curler – one that’s plastic or even heated? In this EXTRA Roadtest we’re getting to the bottom of those questions. I’m going to let you know which ones are worth it – show you the right way to give them that perky sweep and some great budget tips.

Let’s take a look at my favorites – the Shu uemera, Tweezerman, Tarte, Sephora heated, Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler and HotLashes.

The Shu uemera curler for $19.00 – this is a big beauty editor pick – and a favorite among make up artists. It is for good reason – it has a wide long opening and has some magic way of making your lashes curl and behave all day. I really can’t explain it, but it’s kind of addictive and it’s a shame because it doesn’t have replacement pads and it’s no longer going to be sold in the states. So snap this guy up if you can find one!

Tweezerman goes for $12.99 – For your basic lash curler you really can’t go wrong with this and you can get at pretty much any drugstore. It’s $12.99 so it’s not as cheap as say your…

$5.00 variety curler but – cheaper drugstore brands don’t open as wide. You’re more likely to pull your lashes on the way out. And the span is smaller – leaving the lashes on the side to get pinched. Also with the super cheap ones you are more likely to get a bend or a crimp instead of the curl.

The Tweezerman won’t pinch and you can get replacement pads – and these are a light colored blue, so it makes it easy to see where your lashes are in there. The replacement pads are really easy to find. This makes a big difference because some of the higher end curlers become even more expensive when have to replace the whole thing because you can’t just switch out the pads.

Next up – the Tarte for $15.00 – I love this little guy because of the grip on this – more ergonomic and comfortable feel. It does a great job of really curling, not crimping.

Don’t forget the heat. The Sephora Heated Curler goes for $12.00– and it’s my favorite among the heated. Designed to be used after mascara application, this curler gently warms the waxes in mascara, resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting curl. This is much more gentle and you have much more control over the curl. The curl is sweeping and way more natural looking than the “vertical” 90-degree look from the metal curler. Definitely takes a little more time than the typical squeeze method though, but really fun. I love gadgets!

You may have seen the Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler for $10.00 – this is my favorite of the plastic lash curlers – with a long wide opening that gets every last lash. It releases easily and its totally compact to fit easily in your make up case. Great curler – travel-friendly and works like a charm.

Last but not least – Hotlashes curler for $50.00. Now I am a gadget head – so I really couldn’t resist this beauty appliance! It heats up this tourmaline crystal pad and creates an ionic flow that locks in a curl for about 18 hours – is gentler on your lashes. And the rest of the curler stays cool. How great is that?

Ok and before you run off to go get your new lash toy, here are some “How to” Tips

For the traditional lash curler you want to start with clean, dry lashes. As I mentioned, the heated combs work with the wax in the mascara. But remember, using the clamping kind with mascara will cause breakage – it’s like doing your hair after you’ve already used hairspray.

If you want the extra hold of the heated iron – use your blowdryer on a medium setting for about 10 – 15 seconds and warm the curler up. You can test it with your finger – make sure it’s not fire hot – then open wide and bring just beyond the base of your lashes. Hold for about 5 seconds and then move the curler about ¾ out and squeeze again for 2-3 seconds.

I can’t resist mentioning one last gadget… the Tweezerman Corner Lash Curler for $10.00. I don’t know what my lashes would do without it. My lashline doesn’t fit a traditional lash curler shape, so I rip mine out if try to use a regular curler for all of my lashes. This corner curler keeps my ends looking as beautifully defined as the rest of the lash line!

Finally, let’s talk today’s Super Budget Trick!

If you can’t find your eyelash curler, or you just don’t want another beauty appliance around (which I would never happen to me!) – then worry not. You have a perfectly functional eyelash curler in your kitchen already – a spoon!

I kid you not – check this out – take a regular teaspoon, or one that’s a little larger. If you have giant eyes, a ladle I guess, then hold with your thumb here and press for a few seconds. This works well because your thumb is warm and works with the soft metal edge of the spoon. Amazing!

Can you get any more budget than that I ask you?

Ok, here’s your EXTRA roadtest wrap up for lash curlers…

Shu uemera – the classic high end favorite, with good reason – a long lasting pinchless curl.

Tweezerman – a dependable, well priced curler with easy to find replacement pads.

Japonesque Plastic – if you want something you can throw in your travel bag and don’t like the scissor type handle.

The Tarte – for the ergonomic hold and good curly curl. love this great paddle handle.

Sephora heated – if you have an extra minute and you like the controlled curl.

If you want a fun beauty splurge, check out the HotLashes $50.00 – with heated silicone pads for the deluxe experience.

Now, take those perfectly curled lashes for a flirty test drive!

Till next, time, I’m Nurse Jamie. Stay beautiful.