The Top 3 Best Ways to Take Your Vitamins!

These days in Hollywood, a “cocktail” party might not be for drinking.  The craze in LA went from “Botox” parties to what is now known as “Vitamin” parties. Although this may be a new trend taking over the city, vitamin IVs have actually been used by celebrities and industry insiders for years!


Close to a decade ago – I injected Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie right in their bums on national television for The Simple Life and, in turn, injectable vitamins became one of our most popular treatments. I recently sat down for an interview with Lisa McGillicuddy for the November 2014 addition of Vogue Magazine, where we addressed a few key questions as to why this trend is occurring.

Why do we need to take vitamin supplements in the first place and can we not get everything from our diet and lifestyle?

The honest answer is “yes” and “no.” And heres why:

Studies reveal that over 90% of people (that’s a large portion!) are deficient in at least one or more nutrients. The most common nutritional deficiencies are: Vitamins D & B12, Iron, Calcium, Vitamins, C,E & A, Fiber, and Potassium. 

The need for supplements depends on many factors, such as your genetics, vitamin stores, lifestyle, age, state of health, (e.g. Crohn’s – they are not going to properly absorb vitamins) pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.

What is the best way for the human body to absorb proper vitamins and minerals? 

Although this is a highly debated topic (whether to inject, ingest, or infuse), optimal vitamin and mineral absorption still depends on several factors. This includes the time of day you take it, whether you take with food, and what form you take.

On one hand, It’s easier for our bodies to absorb liquid vitamins better than its counterpart, pills. However, it is difficult to ignore that some people may find the IM vitamin shots / IV infusion uncomfortable or painful, and thus turn to taking supplements orally. What this person does not know is that the cost to have them done by a medical professional significantly adds to the overall cost. This is because vitamin absorption by the gut is less effective than a shot directly into muscle, and a higher dose is often needed when taken orally. Over-the-counter pills in high enough doses for treatment might be difficult to find, so you might need multiple doses to make up your necessary daily dose.

Most of all your at-home vitamins can be taken with your breakfast meal. This includes your daily multivitamin in addition to others. The breakfast meal is often a convenient time to remember to take your vitamins, as many of us consume our morning meal at home. In addition, the B vitamins in your multi and B-complex will help to convert food to energy, which can help kick start your day.  It is best not to take calcium along with your multivitamin if your multivitamin contains iron. The calcium may interfere with the iron’s absorption. If you take an iron containing multivitamin with your breakfast meal, take your calcium with the other meals you consume throughout the day, such as lunch and dinner. If taking orally the most important point is that you consume your vitamins and supplements with food, to help with proper absorption.

Can you tell me a bit about how you use vitamins/minerals in your products and private practice, like the D3 sun shot supplement – is this taken orally? 

Studies show that 40-75% of residents in the US and UK are deficient in Vitamin D.

Jennifer Love Hewitt LOVES the Nurse Jamie D3 sun shot.

You can’t get the right amount of vitamin D your body needs from just food. There are two ways to get adequate vitamin D by exposing your bare skin to sunlight for 15 minutes and by taking vitamin D supplements.  One way to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays). Not easy to accomplish (50% of body needs to be expose your skin for approximately 15 minutes) and even if you have the time to take your clothes off in the middle of the day then there are other factors such as where you live, your skin type and the time of day.

A much easier way is to take vitamin D supplements. This is a good way to get vitamin D if you can’t get enough sunlight, or if you’re worried about exposing your skin. However, if you have certain health problems or take certain medicines, you may need to take extra care. When nutrients are injected directly into the bloodstream they bypass the digestive system and are “pushed” directly into cells where they can be more effectively utilized by the body. Weekly vitamin shots are an effective way to increase your energy, strengthen your immune system and promote weight loss.  At Beauty Park we offer our clients different vitamin IM, IV “cocktails”

B12 Shot –

Deficiencies in such nutrients as vitamin B-6, all B-complex vitamins, and especially vitamin B-12, can contribute to low energy. Treatment is easy and includes getting a B-12 injection. Since B-12 is difficult to absorb through the stomach, the injection helps proper absorption for a quick dose of energy come to the Park for a shot of B12. Among the biggest fans of the B12 injection are stars that need a little boost before heading into the grind of 18-hour days of filming. B12 has been shown to have beneficial results in reducing stress, fatigue, improving memory, and cardiovascular health, and many attribute weight loss to this little shot.

Vitamin Complex Shot –

Our Vitamin Complex Shot is essential for healthy nerve function and healthy nerve sheaths; as well, they maintain skin and eye health and help produce red blood cells in the body to assist with DNA synthesis and repair. This shot consists of: Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.

Metabolism Boost “Lipo Shot” – 

Our Metabolism Boost “Lipo-Shot” will improve your weight loss program and boost your energy. It includes 3 fat-burning amino acids, Vitamin C, B12 along with the B Vitamins. This shot consists of: Methionine, Inositol, Choline, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B3.

As I’m researching vitamin infusions administered intravenously in particular, could you tell me a little bit about the current trend of these in America? What sort of patients opt for this and what are the results? It’s seems a lot more popular over there than it is here the UK just yet. What are your thoughts on them? I’ve heard about things like the mobile Vita Squad for vitamin emergencies which sounds incredible!

As previously addressed, these days in Hollywood – a “cocktail” party might not be for drinking.  The craze in LA went from “Botox” parties to “Vitamin” parties. However, vitamin IVs have been used by celebrities and industry insiders for years.  The infusion is an IV Vitamin with a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals used to treat a range of ailments and increase energy. The infusion consists of magnesium, calcium, vitamin B-5, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C. Administering the infusion takes about 15 minutes.  The Meyers Cocktail is a celeb favorite.  I prefer a more controlled environment  – as it is still a medical procedure.  When someone is being stuck with a needle I like everything to be pristine and previously inspected.

Vitamin “cocktails” are all the rage right now and sometimes I feel people get the idea that this will make them invincible in a potentially harmful way – I do not want to perpetuate that. We are really careful on the patients we clear for treatment.

How do you see the practice developing – will it remain a luxury treatment or could it be likely to become more commonly administered?

IV / IM vitamin “cocktails” are growing in popularity. However, I feel the price point most likely will not drop due to the strict laws in the US and UK.  Administering injectables involves a medical professional and you have to factor these cost into treatments – but I predict the availability grows exponentially in the next few years.