2024 The Year the Facelift Died

2024 The Year the Facelift Died

A new era of beauty is being ushered in by a craving for the quiet luxury of a subtly lifted and youthful face rather than the frozen, unnatural look that facelifts can potentially cause. These days, tastemakers prefer to keep it graceful with high-tech solutions you can get over a lunch break. Thanks to 2 different cutting-edge treatments with minimal downtime like Potenza RF Micro Needling and Ulthera; the days of "tug and pull" surgeries seem to be over. Perhaps, 2024 may
just go down as the one where the facelift died, rendering the need to go under the knife outdated.
*A face-lift does NOT stimulate your own collagen - whereas the Potenza and Ulthera DO stimulate your own collagen”
- Nurse Jamie

Potenza RF Microneedle:

Using gentle heat delivered via radiofrequency, Potenza stimulates one’s own collagen to fill wrinkles from within leaving skin plump and glowing, giving one’s face a refreshed vitality without distorting their natural expressions. Potenza’s most attractive quality might be that the treatment is completely non-invasive, taking less than an hour and requiring no recovery time. Some minor redness may occur but one can quickly return to regular routines. While results
continue improving over the next six months, many patients look 5-10 years younger after just one session.

Best Products to maintain the results of your Potenza at home ________- Beauty stamp & EGF



If your skin's lacking that youthful bounce and you feel like your jawline's disappearing, it may be time for a little intervention. No need to go facelift 
Ultherapy is like a Pilates class for your skin, using focused ultrasound to tone and tighten where you want it. It's the only FDA-cleared treatment for lifting and tightening skin on the neck, chin, and brow without surgery, downtime or major recovery. How does it work? The ultrasound energy bypasses the surface to heat up the deep tissue layers where your collagen lives. This jumpstarts new collagen to grow gradually over 2-3 months. Voila - lifted, tightened skin is coming your way!
Clinical studies back it up too. After one treatment, over 90% of people saw a lift in the neck, chin and brow at the 3-month mark. Another study found Ultherapy gave better elasticity and firmness compared to zilch treatment after 12 weeks. The results aren't temporary either - they measured tightening effects lasting up to 6 months in neck and décolletage.
Even better, there's no lengthy downtime - you can get the glow up and be social media ready the same day.
Best products to maintain the results of your Ultherapy at home are ____ Firming cream & Uplift face


  • Elman et al. (2018) - This study looked at 25 patients treated with 4 sessions of Potenza RF microneedling for lax skin on the neck and jowls. They found significant improvement in skin laxity, texture, elasticity, and patient satisfaction. Full citation: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29784436
  • Aust et al. (2012) - In this study, patients who underwent microneedling had significant improvement in skin laxity, wrinkles, and overall skin rejuvenation after 6 treatments. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22843344/