Glowing From Within: Top 4 Underrated Benefits of Teen Skincare

Glowing From Within: Top 4 Underrated Benefits of Teen Skincare

We all know the obvious reasons why taking care of your skin is important - to prevent acne, wrinkles, and other skin issues as you get older. But clear, healthy skin in your teens has some major benefits that often get overlooked! 

Here are top 4 underrated perks of starting a solid skincare routine early:

1. Our UpLift Massager Increases Circulation

What many tweens/teens don’t realize is that the key to healthy, glowing skin is improved local circulation from facial massage.

Gentle massage movements with our UpLift tool  can help stimulate local circulation. This reduces puffiness and clears away toxins and pore clogging impurities that can lead to breakouts. Massage also primes the skin to allow better penetration of gentle skincare products altogether leading to more vibrant, improved skin tone.

Additionally, using the UpLift can help to relieve facial tension by relaxing tense facial muscles that can lead to strained expressions. The soothing touch of massage has been known to help lower cortisol levels. 

With routine practice, facial massage with the UpLift offers natural support for a teenager’s developing complexion without harsh products. Just 5-10 minutes two to three times a week can make a difference. Consider it skincare fitness for tweens and teens. 

2. Our Gentle FormuLA Prevents Over Processing

Over processed skin can causes damage to a developing teens skin. Thats why we create. The FormuLA 
Plying sensitive skin with the trendiest products only results in over processing the skin and potentially damaging the skins barrier .

3. Boost Confidence

When your skin is glowing, you naturally feel more confident. Battling skin issues like acne or eczema can really take a hit on your self-esteem during your awkward teen years. Having a good skincare regimen that keeps your skin looking its best will give you an instant confidence boost. You’ll feel ready to take on the hallways at school or ask out that cutie you’ve had your eye on.

4. Establish Healthy Habits

Starting young with a proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protection regimen means you’ll carry healthy skincare habits into adulthood. Washing your face morning and night, wearing SPF daily, and using anti-aging products in your 20s are keys for maintaining a radiant complexion over time. 
Teens who learn the importance of caring for their skin will have an easier time with more advanced regimens later down the road.


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