Beauty Bear Pillowcase (Mesh)
Beauty Bear Pillowcase (Mesh)
Beauty Bear Pillowcase (Mesh)

Beauty Bear Pillowcase (Mesh)

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So, you've got our wildly popular Beauty Bear™ Skincare Pillow. Now you can get a replacement pillowcase in any of our fabulous colors. Choose from our classic luxurious White, our best-selling Silky Satin Black, or our latest launch Bamboo White 
The Beauty Bear™ replacement pillowcase comes in a smooth & breathable satin or bamboo finish to support even the most delicate of skin types. The Beauty Bear™ Skincare Pillow helps to improve the quality of your rest and helps minimize the line impressions that can be etched into the skin from side sleeping. Achieve healthier, more rested-looking skin overnight and start getting the most out of your beauty sleep.
  • New larger size 22" x 11"
  • Smooth satin cover cradles delicate skin
  • Breathable Bamboo White
  • New Mesh Lining 
  • New Zipper closure, Easy to remove
  • Machine washable

Care Instructions

Pillowcase: Wash pillowcase in cold water on delicate cycle with mild detergent. Dry on low, fluff cycle or air dry.

Pillow: Hand wash pillow with a cloth. Let air dry.

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