Beauty Stamp
Beauty Stamp
Beauty Stamp

Beauty Stamp

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The Beauty Stamp is a unique micro-exfoliation tool that utilizes a gentle ‘press & lift’ action to enhance delivery and promote increased effectiveness of your skincare products. For Optimal Results, use the Beauty Stamp with our EGF Botanical Complex Moisturizing Serum for more supple and renewed skin.

  • Gently micro-exfoliates your skin with a "press & lift action
  • Enhances delivery of skincare products deeper into the skin

Directions: Gently stamp the entire face 2-3 times, rotating the direction of the stamp each time. Do not stamp the inner circle of the eye or beyond the lip line area.

Note: Use your Beauty Stamp once or twice per week or when needed. For optimal results replace Beauty Stamp every 30-60 days or after approximately 10-20 uses.

Precautions: If you have metal allergies, are under the age of 18, or if you have any medical concerns, please consult your doctor before using this beauty device.

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Beauty Stamp

The Ritual

Make a smooth impression with this transformative micro-exfoliation beauty tool. Soften and renew your skin with a gentle press & lift action, stimulating your body to create collagen and elastin at the site of each and every micro-impression and leaving your skin feeling fabulously refreshed. Optimize your beauty routine by using the Beauty Stamp to submerge the active ingredients of your favorite serum or moisturizer deep into your skin, enhancing the moisturizing effects and nourishing soft, smoothe and supple skin from within.

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